American Veterinary Clinic

Al Falah Street
Abu Dhabi - UAE, BC PO BOX 31051

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Thank you and Welcome! You've reached the right place - because we're not just good, we're the BEST veterinary clinic in Abu Dhabi!

What makes us the best veterinary clinic in Abu Dhabi?

We're different from other vet clinics in the city - no need to show off, because we know we are the best! We've been building and maintaining the animal-human relationship bond for over 20 years and we are pretty darn good at it. We absolutely love caring for your pets, or else we would not do it for this long! The AVC is dedicated to becoming your partner in maintaining your pet's health.  Our goal is to practice, with compassion, the highest quality medicine and surgery while emphasizing patient care and client education.


When you bring your pet to us, your furry friend gets...

An amazing experience, with the royal treatment! We really want to meet you, and (more importantly) your pet!  We do what we do because we have a passion for it, and a lot of compassion, too.

Some of the Smartest vets around.  That's right, we got the smart ones! All of our veterinarians not only went to reputable vet schools, but also went back for another round of advanced veterinary training and education.  And we learn new things all the time.  We stay ahead of the pack with our courses and journal readings.  All that knowledge and experience goes toward giving your pet the best treatments and best possible outcomes for their health care.

All the fancy equipment! Okay! maybe we're showing off a little here...But, we don't just have pictures of the equipment.  Behind the smart equipment is a smart team of experts that has the knowledge and expertise on how to correctly use the equipment. So your pet gets the best of the best to keep them well!

Superior treatment protocols and plans for any and all disease processes your pet maybe experiencing.   We've been in the game for 20 years, and all our client relationships are built on trust.  We always give you and your pet the best options.  While we believe no one can put a price on the love for a pet, we also understand budgets and responsibilities as we are pet parents, too.

Referrals are available on the rare occasion when we may be unable to help your pet with something beyond our expertise.  We only refer to clinics we completely trust to manage your pet's case.  Even though we're smart, you've probably heard the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none."  As masters of many things, we are HONEST about our limits (honesty is one of best traits) and are not afraid to give you our best recommendations!

Our smart people do everything they are trained to do very well.  If you are not happy with us (and we know that you will be happy with us), you can always let us know.  We love learning how to make the health care experience better for you and your pet!

This is your invitation to stop reading the website and come on over!

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We look forward to seeing you!