American Veterinary Clinic

Al Falah Street
Abu Dhabi - UAE, BC PO BOX 31051

(971)266-5504 x4

Aggressive and abusive behavior from our humans who visit/call our clinic:


Something you need to know about us and something you are not allowed to do at our clinic or in this beautiful land of the U.A.E:

We love everyone visiting our clinic, as we are an inclusive veterinary facility for people of all walks of life, big or small, of any color and any language you may speak or not speak.  We do not tolerate any abusive behavior towards humans nor animals.

If any member of our awesome team feels threatened either physically or verbally we reserve the right to refuse/refer the treatment of your pet to an alternative veterinary provider.

If, in unprecedented cases, we are obligated and will not hesitate to report incidences to the Abu Dhabi police.

We welcome you to our clinic with deep respect and we hope you understand that we will ensure that our clinic is a safe environment for all our humans and patients.