American Veterinary Clinic

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The American Veterinary Clinic Staff

Your dedicated team of pet care professionals!



Rinoy Job: The Hospital Supervisor

That explains the suit! The Supervisor!

Rinoy joined the AVC in 2009. His positions in the clinic have included Receptionist and Pet Relocation Advisor but his customer service skills and through knowledge of all aspects of the clinic have allowed him to expand his role into that of Hospital Supervisor to manage all the administrative stuff - sounds boring! But He loves it!  He has an MBA in Human Resources to prove it.  He makes sure everyone completes the chain and everyone follows the rules and policies.  He pays attention to ensure the clinic remains standing - you know vets, they always bring the house down...

In his spare time, when we allow him to leave the clinic, he has a secret double role! Many may have seen him on the cricket pitch in a few cricket league matches in Abu Dhabi, when he swaps his suit for cricket bat beating a poor defenceless cricket ball to a pulp as the number one batsman.  Trophies, certificates and medals litter his apartment...

He has a keen love for dogs and has his own four legged menagerie in Kerala.

Wilma, his wife, 2 kids Bryan and Bianca complete him.

Rinoy's friendly attitude and people skills help set the tone for the rest of the staff!

Speaks: English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam.



Habid Thondikodan:  Public Relations Officer


 Habid, makes sure we all have our paperwork in order and that we are legal residents of the U.A.E.  He liaises with various federal municipal government departments to keep all our licenses, visas and operational requirements legal. 

He facilitates deportation of unwanted staff!  He walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to handling extremely daunting tasks.

You will occasionally see him assisting in pick up and drop off's for cattery, kennels and consults.

Habid is courageous in his endeavors and is married to Shayla and they have two kids together Hazin and Haya.

He loves running - sometimes away from us - and has completed R.A.K and Adnoc marathons.







 Reception Staff

Our reception staff are committed to providing the best possible service.


Kay Anne Lopez

Client relationship manager 


Subin Baby Parakkal

Client relationship manager







Veterinary Technicians

Our technicians are trained to provide excellent patient care!


Manoj D'Souza 

Senior Veterinary Technician



Sheremie "Sheng" G

Veterinary Technician









Cattery Staff

Providing the care, attention and TLC your cat deserves...


Cattery Technician




Office Staff

Keeping the business side of things in order...

Waruna S. Nanayakkra