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Dog Training / Behaviour Counseling

Sit, stay...good dog!



Do you need assistance dealing with your dog's behaviour?  Whether you have a  new puppy or an adult dog, help is available!


Happy dog playing at AVC Kennels



A behaviour consultation with an AVC doctor is a great starting point if you are struggling with some undesirable aspects of your dog's behaviour or if you need advice on training. 


Some behaviour issues can be caused by medical conditions so it is important to first make sure your pet's health is sound.


Your AVC doctor may recommend a professional dog trainer who can help you understand your dog's behaviour and show you how to make changes. 


Remember... your dog is only part of the equation - people need training too!



Dog Training Services in Abu Dhabi are available through:


Binny K.G:  055 366 8675 / (


Sonja Jashanmal : 050-533-0142(