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Exporting Pets - Leaving the UAE

You've got questions... We've got answers!



Please visit our Pet Travel and Relocation page for a full list of our Pet Relocation services.

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The American Veterinary Clinic Pet Relocation Team has been relocating pets around the world for over 10 years!  We are proud to be a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association).


We understand how stressful it can be to relocate… our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible - for you and your pet!


We will answer many common questions for you on this page.  If you don't find the answers you're looking for, please contact us.


To ensure a smooth journey, we strongly recommend that you consult with an AVC pet relocation advisor well in advance of your departure.  Rules and regulations are subject to change and no detail can be overlooked. 


Please note:  We do insist on email communication - it's the best way to prevent miscommunication!



Q:  What type of pet relocation services does the AVC offer?


For animals leaving the UAE, the AVC offers a complete pet relocation service.  This includes:  updating vaccinations as needed, arranging veterinary health checks, performing pre-departure treatments / blood tests if required, obtaining and processing all necessary documentation, providing travel cages, flight bookings, airport transfers, etc…



Q:  How do I know what size travel cage to buy?


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  The cage/carrier must meet the IATA (International Air Transport Association) requirements  - click on the link below for further information.


We have a large selection of carriers to choose from - the AVC pet relocation team can guide you regarding carrier selection.



Q:  What documents do I need to complete prior to departure?


1.  You must obtain a valid UAE Export Permit (Ministry Health Certificate) for your pet - this is required to book your pet's flight, to leave the UAE, and must be provided on arrival in the country of destination.  The AVC can obtain this document for you.


2.  Vaccine certificates - original copies are required.


3.  A valid rabies titre test (or rabies serological test / rabies serum neutralization test) may be required for entry into your country of destination.  The test result must be >= 0.5 IU/mL.  The need for this test, the timing of this test and it's duration of validity depend on the country you are travelling to.  Please contact an AVC Pet Travel Advisor for further information.



Q:  Can I travel with my pet in the heat of the summer?


During the hot summer months (May - October), we suggest that pets depart in the late evening and before sunrise when the temperatures are cooler.  If the AVC is driving your pet to the airport, rest assured that the AVC Pet Relocation Vehicle is fully air conditioned for your pet's comfort.



Q:  Should my pet receive food and water during its journey?  Will it be let out of its cage?


Food and water containers must be provided.   All pets should have access to water during their flight.  Access to food is not necessary in most cases for journeys under 24hrs.  Animals are not allowed out of their travel cages during transport for safety reasons.



Q:  Will my pet need to stay in quarantine?


This depends on the country to which you are travelling.  Some countries may require a period of quarantine, but this can usually be avoided by ensuring all pre-departure procedures are completed within a specific time frame before departure.  Countries where quarantine cannot be avoided include:  Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore.



Q:  Are there any restrictions on travelling with certain breeds?


Yes…  Some airlines / countries have breed restrictions for both dogs and cats.  These usually involve breeds with flat faces (Persians, Pugs, Bulldogs) and/or breeds thought to be aggressive.



Q:  What vaccinations are required to leave the UAE?


This is a good question -but the answer can be different for each pet!  It depends on the country to which you are travelling.  To determine the vaccination requirements for your country of destination, please contact an AVC Pet Relocation Advisor.



Q:  Does my pet need a microchip to leave the UAE?


To leave the UAE a microchip is not mandatory - however, your country of destination may require your pet to have a microchip.  The AVC Pet Relocation Team strongly recommends having your pet microchipped (with an ISO Standard microchip) prior to departure.



Q:  Which airline should I use?


We usually use the services of:  British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France/KLM, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Singapore Airlines, Etihad and Emirates.



Q:  Can I travel with my pet as "excess" or "checked" baggage?


This depends on the airline and your destination.



Q:  Can my pet travel in the cabin with me?


Some airlines do permit pets to travel with their owners in the cabin, however most do not.



Q:  Where will my pet be on the plane?  Is it temperature/pressure controlled?


All pets on all airlines are transported in temperature and pressure controlled areas within the aircraft.  However, not all aircraft are equipped with ventilated areas required to transport live animals.  Please check with your airline.



Q:  When do I need to start preparing for my pet's departure?


This depends on the country of destination and the documents required.  It can take up to eight months to fully prepare pets for travel to certain countries!



Q:  Should my pet be sedated for the flight?


In almost all cases the answer is no.  The potential health risks to your pet exceed the possible benefits.  Some stress during travel is normal - for people and pets!  However, it is best that your pet be alert and aware of its surroundings.  Once on the aircraft, most pets rest quietly until landing.  Many airlines will refuse to fly sedated animals.



Q:  How much does it cost?


The cost will depend on several factors such as: flight costs, documents required, size of your pet, etc… For answers to questions regarding specific charges/estimates, we will require you to book a consultation with an AVC Pet Relocation Advisor.  Generating an accurate estimate is very involved and requires a great deal of effort from our experienced staff - as a result, there is a small fee for this service. 



Please visit our Pet Travel and Relocation page for a full list of our Pet Relocation services.

To contact an AVC Pet Relocation export advisor, please email: