American Veterinary Clinic

Al Falah Street
Abu Dhabi - UAE, BC PO BOX 31051

(971)266-5504 x4


Because all pets deserve to be pampered... 


The AVC is proud to offer grooming services for both cats and dogs!



Meet Ajith!  Quite probably Abu Dhabi's most popular groomer!  Ajith has a way with dogs and cats, and tries to get to know each one individually. 


You are encouraged to meet with Ajith when you drop your pet off for grooming so you can let him know in person how you'd like things done!


Please note - cats are sedated for grooming to minimize the stress and time involved. 


As we are a full service facility, we require that your pet's vaccinations be up to date - this includes kennel cough (bordetella) for dogs.






To schedule a grooming appointment please call:

02 6655044