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Posted By : Christine                                                                                   Posted :  08/30/2021

Comments: : I have enormous gratitude to the American Vet team in Abu Dhabi. The worst part of my move from the US to Abu Dhabi was thinking about sending my 2 small dogs as cargo. I read good reviews of the American Vet and got their advice, they also hooked me up with Capital Pet Movers in DC who did the US side. The 2 shipping companies worked well together. My dogs flew a nonstop flight on Emirates and it was as seamless as it could have been. Abhi at American Vet was absolutely amazing at being available by email (And once we arrived, by text) and he is clearly very experienced with the process. This made everything less stressful. I would not hesitate to use American Vet again for pet relocation and I highly recommend them

Posted By : Amy Denson                                                                                                  Posted :  05/20/2019                                                                                                                 Comments : Moving our cat Finn to the UAE from the US was a very large stressful task that I attempted to do on my own at first. Once I began to see how involved it was going to be, I realized I was going to need some help. So I researched and found several companies the could handle the relocation on the UAE side. I contacted multiple companies and ultimately ended up choosing American Vet Team. Abhi was my contact and from the moment they got involved, I didn't have to worry anymore about how things would be handled once Finn arrived in the UAE. Abhi communicated with the agency in the US and even caught several mistakes that were missed by the US agency. I appreciate how thorough and available Abhi was throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Abhi and the American Vet Team for your pets relocation and will use them again for our next move!

Posted By :    Ashley Lancaster 
Posted :    5/8/2017
Comments :    Just moved from Abu Dhabi to Missouri state in USA. AVC made the move extremely easy. Great pet relocation service. Thank you
Posted By :    Ray Moore  ( 
Posted :    5/6/2017
Comments :    Thank you to Abhi and the team at AVC for your help with moving our Cat "Molly" back to Ireland. Everything was handled very professionally and Molly is very happy to be back in her Donegal garden.
Posted By :    Anoosh Shahidi
Posted :    4/29/2017
Comments :    We just moved our Lhasa Apso back to Colorado. Mr. Abhi and the AVC team did a fantastic job. They were very professional and explained the process very clearly to us. Everything went very smoothly and we were kept informed at all times. Our dog is now happy in Colorado enjoying April Snow!
Posted By :    Thersia Terblanche  ( 
Posted :    8/11/2016
Comments :    Hi Abhi Thank you for your excellent service and getting Mishmish safely to SA. Your friendliness and assistance is highly appreciated!! Thersia
Posted By :    Ross  ( 
Posted :    8/4/2016
Comments :    Thank you so much. Could not have asked for anymore. Very good service. All e-mails responded to promptly.
Posted By :    Jim and Rachel
Posted :    7/18/2016
Comments :    We used American Vet for importing and exporting our two Golden Retrievers and they made the transition so smooth. Exporting and importing pets is done in a professional and caring manner. Abhi and the staff treated us and our pets like we were family. All our concerns were addressed promptly and with kindness. American Vet are a wonderful company and I could not more highly recommend them to anyone thinking of bringing their pets to the UAE or flying them home.
Posted By :    Farrell
Posted :    6/12/2016
Comments :    Sincere thanks to Abhi and the AVC team for the safe and smooth relocation of our cat, Ibby, to The U.K.Abhi was endlessly patient with our queries and the numerous changes to the travel dates. Efficient and professional with all the stages and the paperwork. Arrangements to take Ibby for final check at the Ministry before departure was helpful. Ibby happy and settled! Thank you from all of us.
Posted By :    Ying
Posted :    6/4/2016
Comments :    My dog Polo has been going to AVC kennel for the past 12 years. We just picked her up after one month stay. She was as happy as never left home. She is very well-adjusted back to our daily routine. Thank you Bombie, Erwin, and the team for taking care of her. I was so surprised to receive the photo CD you guys prepared!!! It was so cute to see Polo played with other dogs as normally she was very timid around them. It's like she has a secret life I don't know about. You guys are the best!!!
Posted By :    Rudiger
Posted :    5/24/2016
Comments :    Abhi was fantastic. Throughout the potentially nerve-racking move of our dog Aden from Abu Dhabi to Geneva he was there to answer our endless questions and worries. He showed great empathy and a real love for animals. We are very grateful.
Posted By :    Katie 
Posted :    5/16/2016
Comments :    Abhi and the relocation team were outstanding as we moved from Abu Dhabi to Lisbon with three cats we adore. Everyone arrived safely, happily and on time -- and we could not be more grateful for the tremendous expertise, professionalism and compassion demonstrated by AVC staff. Thank you to everyone involved, especially Abhi and Drs Reid and Tammy. You are all amazing.
Posted By :    Denise Douglas 
Posted :    1/31/2016
Comments :    Thanks a million to Abhi and the team at AVC for the smooth and professional arrangements they made in moving Holly, Erin and Flynn form Abu Dhabi to Scotland. They were tremendous!! Thanks also to Duard and Bombi over the years for the kindness and carethey gave our dogs when boarded at the kennels. Last but not least, to Dr Reid for his care and attention and making them travel ready. All dogs are now happily settled in Scotland and looking forward to lots of beach runs, woodland walks and hill walking. Take care all of you, thanks again!
Posted By :    Jeff
Posted :    12/13/2015
Comments :    Moving is a very stressful process and ACS made Fluffy's trip back home the only stress free piece of our relocation. Thank you.
Posted By :    Christy
Posted :    12/4/2015
Comments :    I just wanted to say thank you to the entire staff. The export team was wonderful and made getting our cats into the UAE so much less stressful for us. Everyone on the staff is kind and caring towards the animals they see. I have never seen my cats open up affectionately to anyone besides my family before. Everyone did a great job communicating with us during the move and the boarding process. I was highly impressed by the cleanliness of the cattery as well as the size of the accommodations for each of my cats. They had ample room to climb and play during their stay. We loved the facilities and the staff is so wonderful that we have decided to continue to use American Veterinary Clinic's services for our pets while we live in the UAE.
Posted By :    Cheryl lemke  ( 
Posted :    11/25/2015
Comments :    Many thanks again to Abhi and his team to bring Penni to UK from Abu Dhabi a very stressfull time moving our loved pets about but he kept me informed all the way never tiring of my endless questions and full support from time to book and paper work to photos of her at cargo about to board the plane Great job as always and another Huge thank you ????
Posted By :    Rene Kennedy  ( 
Posted :    10/29/2015
Comments :    The team made our transistion from NYC to Abu Dhabi seamless. They even pointed out an error in the shipping details the day of travel literally hours before. Upon landing, the team ensured safe transistion and the boarding/kennel team is always accomodating to me and my dog (Dante). I recommend this clinic/kennel to anyone moving relocating or boarding.
Posted By :    Zara
Posted :    8/29/2015
Comments :    The most stressful part of our move to the UK was taking along our twelve year old cat. Abhi and the staff at AVC were very reassuring. The process was uncomplicated and each step was clearly explained and organised by Abhi. Our cat arrived at Heathrow with all paperwork processed and ready to go to his new home. All of Misty's needs were taken care of: being booked on a night flight to avoid any exposure to heat, water frozen in a bowl for his use in transit, his special diet attached. etc. Full marks to Abhi and the AVC team. Excellent service.
Posted By :    Karrie  ( 
Posted :    6/14/2015
Comments :    The most stressful part of moving is the worry about your pets. Abhi and his team were so awesome! My two dogs and rescue cat were shipped from AD to Texas. It was as seemless a transition as one could wish for. Our pets were so well cared for and pampered, even received photos from the waiting area at the airport. I couldnt have imagined trying to coordinate this myself. Would highly recommend AVC to anyone shipping their pets.
Posted By :    Debbie
Posted :    6/12/2015
Comments :    We can't express our gratitude enough to Abhi & the AVC kennel staff for taking such amazing care of our beagle, Buddy. We love how much they truly care about animals & because of their concern, put us at ease that his care and travel arrangements would go smoothly. Thank you for everything Abhi & AVC :)!!
Posted By :    Nawar
Posted :    5/31/2015
Comments :    Big thanks to Abhi and the team for relocating our cat to Denver, Colorado. We were really stressed about the relocation but you made it very easy. Thank you!
Posted By :    Nawar
Posted :    5/31/2015
Comments :    Nig thanks to Abhi and the team for relocating our cat to Denver, Colorado. We were really stressed about the relocation but you made it very easy. Thank you!
Posted By :    Jacqueline 
Posted :    4/16/2015
Comments :    All our thanks to Abhi and the team for relocating our Jack Russell Hero to Cornwall for the summer !! Abhi has again made every effort to ensure the process went smoothly! Again Thank you.
Posted By :    Jacqueline 
Posted :    11/9/2014
Comments :    I can't say thank you enough to Rinoy and the team at American Veterinary Clinic. Our 2 dogs just moved to Belgium and without your help, I can't imagine how stressful it would have been. Stella and May are now living it up in the greenery of Belgium and are having a ball. They have seen swans, foxes, pigs and cows for the first time (and that was just in the first day!!) I would use your services again in a heartbeat. Many thanks from myself and most importantly Stella and May !
Posted By :    Jacqui
Posted :    8/31/2014
Comments :    Heartfelt thanks to the Export Relocation Team, the cattery staff and vets at AVC for all the care and attention given to my cat Queenie who was relocating from the UAE to Pakistan. A first class service from all involved however special thanks to Rinoy for making the process so streets free. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Posted By :    Erika
Posted :    8/29/2014
Comments :    I am so glad that we used the AVC to assist us in importing our dog to Abu Dhabi. Abhi was great to work with, as he answered all of my questions in a thorough and timely manner. I feel that the AVC truly cares about their customers and the pets, of course, and I was really impressed with the quality of service.
Posted By :    Amy 
Posted :    6/14/2014
Comments :    Thank you! The hardest part of my move from NY to Abu Dhabi was my stress over Freya, my 15 year old cat who has lived in 3 countries (now 4!), but has never flown cargo before, always being in the plane with me. But Abhi was amazing every step of the way, walking me through the process and the paperwork. On arrival, the AVC team had Freya delivered to the hotel in a few hours-- and she was apparently a bit of a rock star going through customs! Freya's adjusted quickly to her new life here. I would highly recommend the AVC team-- they were amazing. Thank you!! Warm regards, Amy & Freya
Posted By :    Stephanie
Posted :    5/4/2014
Comments :    We want to thank both Habid and Abhi for their help in getting our two sweet dogs, Moose and Grizzly, to Abu Dhabi from Vancouver, Canada. They were both very kind, patient, professional and so very helpful. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to make our move happen. We will recommend you to everyone! Moose and Grizzly are doing very well in adapting to Abu Dhabi life :-) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!
Posted By :    Bruno 
Posted :    3/2/2014
Comments :    A big thank you to Abhi and to the chap who cleared Athos, the stress level was immense thinking about Athos traveling alone in cargo from beirut to Dubai, and I must thank the professional service from day 1, till the onset and being informed every half an hour about the progress, truly a great end to a great service, All the best.
Posted By :    Cheryl
Posted :    2/23/2014
Comments :    Dear Abhi, Again a huge thank you for your help getting Penni here , you seem to be the only person knowing what needs to be done the Jeddah end was a nightmare but thankfully she arrived safely and the guy that picked her up kept me informed the whole time she was at clearance in AD airport I would highly recommend yourself and team to anyone bringing in pets to AD and look forward to her continued vet care at the clinic . Many Thanks again for bringing Penni safely to her new home Best wishes Cheryl
Posted By :    Gail
Posted :    12/16/2013
Comments :    I want to express my thanks to Rinnoy Job and the team at AVC for relocating my two cats to the UK. I was worried about the process and of course wanted to ensure that the cats were as comfortable as possible on the flight. Rinnoy and his team went out of their way to reassure me at every step and also made a special effort to accommodate my request to include the cats blankets and toys in their cages to provide some familiarity for them whilst travelling. I received word last night that they arrived safely and happy and delivered to the door of the cattery where they will stay temporarily until I arrive. I have used the AVC for the past 8 years and have been a regular at the cattery over vacation periods where the cats have been so well cared for they actually don't mind going there! The staff are consistently friendly and cheerful and really appreciate how much we love our pets. If you are new to Abu Dhabi I would not hesitate in recommending the AVC Team for all your pet needs. By best wishes to Rinnoy and all the staff at the AVC for a successful and happy 2014. Gail
Posted By :    Dennis Burns
Posted :    11/24/2013
Comments :    Staff did a wonderful job in shipping our dog back to the USA. During our 12 years here in the UAE, the American Vet staff has always been great and have always treated our pets as if they were part of their own family. Thanks!!
Posted By :    Symons Family
Posted :    10/20/2013
Comments :    I just wantt o say a huge thank you to everyone at AVC who was involved in moving our golden lab, Buddy back to the UK. Having recently lost Buddys sister we were very unsure about this move but it could not have been handled in a more sympathetic way by Rinoy and his team. We were kept informed every step of the way and eveyone who we had dealings with were kind, caring and compassionate towards our whole family. Buddy was a chilled out dog as he boarded his flight and arrived safe and sound with all paperwork completed he was on his way to his new temporary home within 3 hours of landing, this can only be due to the meticulous care taken by everyone at AVC who made this happen. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you guys are so clearly passionate about what you are doing and it shows. Well done and thank you x
Posted By :    michie
Posted :    10/9/2013
Comments :    Thank you for pampering my doggie Varon, i am happy that your kennel facilities are really taking extra care of my dog. Now i can go on my holidays without worrying that my dog is deprived of care, grooming, exercise and healthy diet.
Posted By :    Lydia G
Posted :    8/16/2013
Comments :    Dear Duard, Bombi and everyone at AVC Kennels, Driving Miss Daisy from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is worth every minute on the road. Thanks again for taking care of our precious girl. She enjoyed her visit with all of you and we are always grateful for peace of mind, knowing she is in very capable and caring hands.
Posted By :    Graham and Family
Posted :    6/10/2013
Comments :    Dear AVC team, I have to give you guys the biggest thanks for getting my Gav to us here in Qatar from the UAE, You worked thru all the issues i was having with me and kept our Gav in your Kennels who took amazing care of him (he came to us with more weight on him i'm sure) for a long 7weeks after myself and family left the UAE, Once we had manged to sort our residence the AVC export team worked very fast and got our Gav here in less than a week (after all docs were in place ready to go.) So i have to say thank you guys again so much for taking excellent care of our Dog and getting him to us unscaved and if you didn't know you would never have guessed he had just traveled on his first plane journey. He was as giddy as ever and pleased to see us as i was hoping he would and the AVC team delivered the perfect dog we left with them 7weeks earlier. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. Graham and Family and GAV too.
Posted By :    Durgesh Wignarajah  ( 
Posted :    5/26/2013
Comments :    Dear AVC Words cannot express my gratitude towards your excellent service you have provided me. Moving from Germany to the UAE for my dog, Theodore Bundy, was a fabulous experience. From helping me with all the paper work, clearing him at the airport, taking him to the boarding facilities, and just spoiling him rotten, has been ever so wonderful. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I visited that crazy dog of mine the other day, and he was too busy playing with his "friends!" He is loving every single moment and that makes me so happy. Thank you all!
Posted By :    Jose Cuervo 
Posted :    5/8/2013
Comments :    First of all we would like to thank Abhi, he did a great job helping us along the way, always attentive and fast in all the procedures. We are very happy with our cat, which arrived in perfect conditions all the way from Mexico. We thoroughly recommend the AVC services, once again thanks to all the staff for their professionalism and great commitment.
Posted By :    Carron Smoak
Posted :    4/23/2013
Comments :    AVC did a fantastic job in helping us relocate our cat 'JJ' to Abu Dhabi. Abhi Chhetri was attentive to every detail and promptly responded to any questions we had. Abhi made sure all the proper forms were in place and kept us informed about JJ's arrival and clearance in Dubai. We were also pleased with the vet check that followed JJ's long flight and the clean kennel facility and friendly staff at AVC. I would highly recommend AVC for your pet relocation needs.
Posted By :    Jen
Posted :    4/7/2013
Comments :    Dear Abhi and all of the members of the American Vet Team, Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and professionalism in assisting me with Morris. Morris is my sweet little street cat I found during my stay in Abu Dhabi. The team boarded him, helped with all of his vaccination and neutering needs and follow up appointments as I prepared to ship him home to the US. I am very grateful for the flexibility shown by Abhi every time my travel plans changed and when finally I had to ship him to another person in the US as I remained in Abu Dhabi even longer. Abhi coordinated everything, handled many adjustments and kept both me and my friend in the States fully informed. I would not have been able to get my sweet boy home without Abhi and the team. Thank you!!! I cannot wait to get home to him!



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